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Benefits of Membership

Initial involvement in a professional organization, such as ASLA, can be driven by a desire for individual benefits. These are useful for career development and connections. Tangible assets of membership often include résumé building, access to published materials and information, assistance with grants, tenure or promotions, and professional recognition. While these personal, inward facing motivators are all valid and important reasons to attach oneself to a local or national organization, there is an outward professional responsibility that ought to be assumed with this involvement.
Benefits of membership in ASLA are many. The numerous resources such as LATIS, annual meetings, professional practice networks, Landscape Architecture Magazine, and the ASLA Advocacy Network, connect members with other members,
current trends and evolving practices. In this organization, there is a fantastic knowledge base and resource-pool from which to enrich our practices and connect within the profession in experiences and opportunities.

Beyond this, there are additional membership and professional commitments to accept as a way to address and connect outwardly with adjacent disciplines and the larger community. The benefits of membership can be used in assuming
leadership roles and bridging knowledge gaps in the value of landscape architecture. In these areas, the opportunity to guide, and to provide continued advancement of the field using the most current information in multidisciplinary decision-making settings could be viewed not as an obligation, but as membership responsibility and a professional privilege. In communication between the profession of landscape architecture and society, the role of the ASLA member expands when asking questions: how can we enhance our discipline; how can we amplify the scope of tangent disciplines; how can we increase the benefit to the larger community?
The value of membership in ASLA, as in many professional organizations, is then richest when both the personal motivators and the collective benefits, or inward and outward responsibilities, are engaged.  Join Today!

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