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LICENSURE for Landscape Architect's
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Licensure refers to state licensing of individuals who have successfully met education, training, and examination requirements, thus proving their competency to professionally practice landscape architecture.

Licensure is a critical state function for protecting the public from unqualified or incompetent individuals who engage in professional practice that has an impact on the public health, safety and welfare. Licensure certifies that only competent professionals are performing landscape architecture that impacts the general public. Hiring a licensed professional provides guidance to a consumer that ensures that professional is competent to perform landscape architectural services. Licensed Landscape Architect's are required under law to act on the client's behalf. They can and will be held personally responsible for their actions and can be sued or criminally prosecuted for errors or negligence.

Contact the Texas Board of Architectual Examiners (TBAE) to get any recent revisions to the State of Texas licensure requirements and TBAE action.   [ ]

L.A.R.E. - A Step-By-Step to Prepare
Basic qualifications required to start the process are:
1.)  Received a professional degree from a landscape architectural education program accredited by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB)
2.)  Successfully completed two years actual experience working directly under a licensed landscape architect.Get registered with CLARB.

Contact CLARB at and request applicant's file sent to TBAE ( Pay fee to have record created and kept up-to-date. Wait for notification from TBAE that file has been received and requirements have been met. At this time, a fee to TBAE must be paid. The fee schedule can be located at:  Wait for notification from TBAE, that applicant has been approved to sit for the exam.  Further instructions will be sent to applicant if approved and an explanation will be sent if applicant was not approved.

The above information is a summary from both CLARB and TBAE and is for informational purposes only. Please contact CLARB and TBAE for further information, exam dates and additional fees.
Important Links Exam dates - TBAE [ ]

L.A.R.E. Study References     [ ]

L.A.R.E. Insider Tips

1.  Study in groups for the written portions. Time yourselves (set your cell alarm) and then review everyone's answers. There are so many options that can be correct on grading and design it helps to learn from others. Also there are so many little things that you can overlook when just studying by yourself, it helps to have someone look over your work.

2.  Go to any available study sessions. Even if you don't think you will learn anything, at least it will force you to study for those few hours.

3.  Read the Time Saver Standards for Landscape Architects for all the sections. A lot of the questions come directly out of that book!

4.  Work, work, work! The absolute best studying you could ever do is to find a job that gives you hands-on opportunities to work through all aspects of a landscape architectural project (conceptual design through construction documents, client and city interaction, etc.).

5.  Pay attention to what you are doing and why you are doing it- design and construction are the same thing as soon as you understand this, you will pass the test.