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Texas ASLA Presents the 2020 Webinar Series featuring speakers and sessions from the 2020 Conference Program.   Registration Instructions will be sent to your email soon!

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ASLA Elevates Texas Chapter Member, John S. Troy to the Council of Fellows

Texas Chapter member, John S. Troy was one of the 19 members that the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) has elevated as ASLA Fellows for their exceptional contributions to the landscape architecture profession and society at large. Election to the ASLA Council of Fellows is among the highest honors the ASLA bestows on members and is based on their works, leadership/management, knowledge, and service.

  John S. Troy, ASLA
  John S. Troy Landscape Architect Inc., San Antonio, Texas
Nomination in Service from the Texas Chapter

John S. Troy has practiced landscape architecture in the San Antonio area since 1981, where his contributions, dedication, and service are profound and enduring. After beginning his career as a professor, he developed a robust residential practice, became a public voice for sustainability, and helped lead the transformation of the San Antonio Botanical Garden (SABG) into a nationally recognized horticultural showcase. Since 1994, John has provided sustained planning and guidance in shaping the development of an eight-acre phased expansion of SABG’s original thirty-acre property. Through John’s vision and efforts, SABG is now an exemplary regional botanical garden, its design having been recognized by Texas ASLA with a 2019 Honor Award. In 2017, he founded the Landscape Architecture Advisory Council to foster a rare collaboration among the ASLA South Texas chapter, the San Antonio Water System, and SABG education and conservation staff to focus on water conservation, sustainability, landscape design, education, and broadened information on plants in the Garden. Throughout his career, John has pioneered and promoted water conservation with the use of native plants and low-water-use landscape design. John’s continuous, active, pro-bono service promoting the transformative power of landscape architecture spans four decades and was recognized with the Texas ASLA Community Service Award.

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 TXASLA Chapter and Section Officers

Incoming Officers:

President - Shawn Massock
President Elect – Marissa McKinney
Treasurer – Clif Hall
Secretary – Jake Aalfs
Trustee – V. Eric Perez

Central TX Chair Elect – Lauren McGee
Central TX Secretary/Treasurer – Shaney Clemmons

DFW  Chair Elect – Laura Ruiz 
DFW Secretary/Treasurer – Francisca Yanez 

H/GC Chair Elect – Richard Haddock

South TX Chair Elect – Tiffany Price
South TX Secretary/Treasurer – Tania Hernandez

West TX Chair Elect – Megan Abernathy
West TX Secretary/Treasurer - Tyler Watson



Texas ASLA Statement on Racial Injustice

The Texas Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (TXASLA) joins in mourning the numerous deaths of black citizens at the hand of racist actions. We stand in solidarity with black communities across the country in this critical moment in the fight against oppression, racial inequality, and racism.

TXASLA recognizes that historical trends in planning and design of the built environment, including landscape architecture, has often had a disproportionate adverse impact on black communities, especially in urban areas in Texas due to gentrification, redlining, and urban renewal which is driving the displacement of historically underprivileged communities. We strive to engage our membership and our allied organizations, to reflect on these injustices and develop strategies for change through a collaborative process with a diverse design community of professionals and the general public. This will not happen overnight, but the first steps must be taken to break down the historic cycle of marginalization for communities of color. We wholeheartedly support non-violent demonstrations that bring into public light a need to stop violence against people of color. We are committed as a profession to be part of the solution to dismantle racial injustice where our profession can.

TXASLA as an organization, is unwaveringly committed to fostering equity and inclusion within our profession and the communities we serve in Texas. A strategic goal to increase diversity within our membership was integrated within our 2019 Strategic Plan, stating that we desire to mirror the greater community within our profession, our membership, and our Chapter leadership. We recognize that our current membership figures do not align with this goal based on self-reported ASLA data and we are continuing to develop actionable steps to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the profession.  By increasing these figures, we seek to further elevate the voices of people of color within our profession and our Chapter membership.

TXASLA will continue to advocate for equitable, inclusive design and planning, and more broadly for the fair treatment of all humans. As a professional community, we have much to learn and subsequently act upon the needs of the historically underprivileged. We must move forward with open ears, open minds, and open hearts, and through humility and intentionality we must unlearn practices that perpetuate injustice. We have the profound honor, responsibility, and joy to work collaboratively toward a more just future and greatly look forward to building relationships and developing programming to meet these objectives. As a community we are stronger together and can impact lasting and positive transformations within our design community where justice and equality for all prevails. 


Texas Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects Executive Committee

Draft TXASLA Action Plan:

  • Work with Texas LAAB Accredited Universities to create a plan to promote the profession in schools and recruit students in under-privileged communities through public engagement.
  • Create a plan for mentoring all planning and landscape architecture students, at all levels of education.
  • Establish a State-wide committee to assist in developing programs focusing on population diversity in terms of member recruitment and engagement.
  • Research and create options to provide reduced rates / scholarships for LARE Prep courses for emerging professionals of all backgrounds regardless of race.
  • Engage firm leaders and allied organizations and agencies in developing strategies for increasing visibility and accountability for reversing trends in design and planning which lend to systemic racism including gentrification, urban renewal, and lack of access to clean water and air in Texas communities.
  • Develop working relationships at each Texas Section with local advocacy organizations to continue to push for equity in our local communities throughout Texas.

                                                      Header image credit: Melissa Henao-Robledo


Texas ASLA and all the Landscape Architecture programs in Texas hosted an employer round-table discussion on May 21, 2020 to discuss strategies and opportunities for graduates in this anything but ordinary moment in time. The live-stream was co-hosted by Texas ASLA and UTSOA Career Services and was open to landscape architecture students across Texas.  Watch

For additional information, visit the Career Services Events page.